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Throughout the month of April, come into Beadology Iowa to see an exhibit of the bead artistry of Karen Kubby, co-owner of Beadology Iowa.  Karen’s work places a focus on off loom seed bead weaving, with a special emphasis on cubed right angle weave (CRAW).

You will also see a theme of negative spaces and seemingly random patterns in CRAW, peyote stitch, and a 1920’s netted stitch.  Branched fringe makes a frequent appearance in Karen’s work, as she loves how frothy and thick it gets–she claims you can’t keep your hands off of it.  Karen loves to do traditional seed bead weaving with small stone beads.

She also makes cremation beads, adding cremains of human and other animals into her lampworking.

Come see her work during regular hours at Beadology Iowa