We will close at 5:15pm on Monday February 1 to attend the caucus.

Next up in the Bead Lab:

Saturday, February 6, 9am to 1pm, Make Glass Beads --Flame I - $98--only one seat left!

Making glass beads is great fun and an opportunity to do something outside of your normal routine.  You’ll have an unusual response to give when friends ask you what is new in your life.  This class will increase your hand-eye coordination and allow you to make beads that can be used in jewelry making.  This class will teach you the art of lampworking, a technique of using a torch and melting glass rods to create various shapes.  Safety and appropriate equipment handling are emphasized.  Your beads will need to stay in a kiln overnight to be annealed.  No previous experience necessary.  

NOTE:  Participants must be at least 15 years old.

NEW CLASS!! Saturday, February 6, 2-5pm, Wire Heart Pendant--$68

Just in time for a special Valentine’s Day present.  Work with new guest instructor Zanetta Hoehle to create a heart pendant weaving three stands of copper wire together, bending them into shape and anchoring the ends.  A simple bail will also be created bending wire.  Variations to this pendant and ways to approach different shapes will be discussed.  Use your newfound skills and your imagination to create future pendants.  No previous experience necessary. New Guest Instructor Zanetta Hoehle.